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Safe2Say Something

Divine Mercy Catholic Academy is deeply and fully committed to protecting the children entrusted to our care. We take school safety very seriously.


We monitor our buildings, and we require stringent background checks on all our personnel from teachers to cafeteria and maintenance staff, volunteers and clergy.


We strive to give our students confidence and intellectual curiosity to embrace the new technologies in our world, yet we also teach caution and common sense. We try to help our students watch out for one another.


With smart phones and social media conversations, students often are aware of the problems their peers are facing. Pennsylvania’s Act 44 helps students report danger signs or signals of individuals who may be at risk of hurting themselves or others. It's called Safe2Say Something and it gives young people an anonymous reporting system with three different means of contact:


  • Safe2Say Something cell phone app
  • Safe2Say Something website
  • 24/7 Crisis Center Hotline

The Safe2Say Something program is mandatory for all schools in Pennsylvania. Many of our upper elementary students, as well as teachers and staff have received S2SS training.