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Summer Assignments - 1st Grade

Kindergarten into 1st Grade

Staying Sharp Over the Summer

With three months off, the “summer slide” can happen. Here are some easy things to do with your child that can help keep them sharp!

Things that “slide” the most:

  • Reading
  • Handwriting
  • Sight words
  • Basic math facts

  1. READ, READ, READ! The best way to keep your child on track over the summer is to read! Reading doesn’t have to mean sitting down with a book (although that works too). Menus, billboards, cereal boxes, and road signs are all easy, informal ways to expose kids to new worlds!
  2. Handwriting Practice - This also doesn’t have to mean sitting down and completing worksheets. Handwriting can be practiced on a placemat at a restaurant or in the sand at the beach!
  3. In-School app - Apps that can be used during school such as Epic! And Freckle can be used at home during the summer. Please let us know if you need the login information.
  4. Math facts Rings and sight words booklets will be sent home for summer practice. These are not mandatory but could be helpful on a roadtrip or a rainy day.

If you would like specific materials such as books or writing practice sent home for your child please let us know.


Stay ART smart—If you do a sidewalk chalk drawing-take a picture of your creation & email it to Hillary at the East or Cherie at the West & we could post them on the school Facebook page. Include artists name and grade.

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