Students » Summer Assignments - 2nd Grade

Summer Assignments - 2nd Grade

1st into 2nd

  • Freckle math - two sessions of fact practice three times a week.
  • Summer reading Log - Students should read books of their choice and record the date, name of book, and author on the Summer Reading Log (no reading list or certain number of books to read). Read for enjoyment! Students should give The Summer Reading Log to their Teacher within the first week of school. The download for the Summer Reading Log is provided below.

If students practice facts three times a week, their effort will be reflected in fact fluency timed test scores throughout the year. The Summer Reading Log will give the teacher an idea of what types of books the students are interested in as well as the level of books the students are comfortable reading.


Stay ART smart—If you do a sidewalk chalk drawing-take a picture of your creation & email it to Hillary at the East or Cherie at the West & we could post them on the school Facebook page. Include artists name and grade.

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