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DMCA Honor Code

At Divine Mercy Catholic Academy, integrity and honor matters.
We are proud of our Honor Code and that our students do their best, every day, to adhere to its principles. 
9-11 FlagThe DMCA Honor Code
As a Divine Mercy Catholic Academy student, I will be honest, only take credit for my own work, and respect other people and their property.
What do we mean by being honest?
Being honest means to tell the truth, free of deceit and to be full of integrity

What do we mean by only taking credit for our own work?
Cheating is when you gain an unfair advantage over other students in an assignment or test, such as:
  • Looking at another student's paper or test
  • Having parents complete your homework when they are not permitted to
  • Copying another student's homework assignment
What do we mean by respecting other people?
  • Understanding other's opinions
  • Treating others as you want to be treated
  • Being a buddy, not a bully
What do we mean by respecting other people's property?

Vandalism is deliberately damaging the property of an individual or the school, such as:
  • Drawing on a desk, wall, book or floor
  • Throwing or damaging another student's property
  • Stealing is taking something that is not your property