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Summer Assignments - 4th Grade

3rd into 4th

We are excited and looking forward to working with all of you next year in fourth grade! In order to keep your reading skills in tip top shape, we would like you to complete the following over the Summer months:

  • - Complete 15 activities by the first day of school (August 25th). These activities must include 5 library activities, 5 word study activities, and 5 skills practice activities. We will not be assigning these activities. These activities are to be student choice so that they can practice the stories that they are interested in.
  • Choose one chapter book to read and report about. This can be fiction or nonfiction. Have an adventure this Summer! Read something exciting.
    • Some tips to help pick a good book to read.
      • The book cover and title are the first things we often notice. Do not pick the book based on those aspects alone
      • Read the back cover or the inside flap of the book. This is like a movie trailer. It will give you a little bit of information about the story and its characters. If this section sounds interesting to him/her, this book may be for your child.
      • Read one random page of a book. Keep track of any words that you are having trouble reading or understanding. (Don't count names) If you find less than 5 of those words on a page, this book may be a good level for you.
      • Go to - Make sure your book appears on this site. Check the book level. Your STAR test will give you a range of levels of which to choose from. For example, your test report may say something like ZPD 2.8 - 4.3. You want to pick something around the middle of that range
      • Ask for help if you still need some guidance.
  • Fill out a short report that is included about the book you read. Spelling, Capitalization, and punctuation must be correct.
  • Take the AR test on your book when you return to school.

These four items together will make up the first reading grade of the first marking period of the fourth grade.

If you have any questions about anything feel free to contact us.


Stay ART smart—If you do a sidewalk chalk drawing-take a picture of your creation & email it to Hillary at the East or Cherie at the West & we could post them on the school Facebook page. Include artists name and grade.

Just a thought

Thanks so much, have fun, be safe, and enjoy your reading!

Mr. Braden Tomalson [email protected]

Mrs. Laura Swank [email protected]