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DMCA offers a variety of fundraising programs to support school operations (Tuition Support Opportunities – TSOs), PTO activities and DMCA athletic programs. Please note that these programs may change as the school year  progresses.

Tuition Support Opportunities (TSO) 
Optional school Tuition Support Opportunities (TSO) are offered to help keep DMCA tuition as low as possible. As part of the DMCA annual tuition agreement, every family with children in grades K-6 is assessed a flat $800 TSO fee each year. The fee may be paid outright along with tuition, or if a family so chooses, they may participate in TSO fundraising activities of their choice to generate profit that is applied to the family’s $800 annual TSO obligation. The fee is per family, not per student.

As an added bonus, half of any excess profit over a family’s $800 minimum commitment is credited against the family’s tuition for the following school year! A summary of our 2020-21 TSOs is included below.


  Overview Start Date End Date Delivery Date Benefit
SCRIP Please see below Ongoing     Varies by retailer
St. Benedict New Car Raffle Raffle for a new car July 2020 11/6/20 11/27/20 $2 on each $10 your family sells; for every 10 tickets that your family sells, you will be entered into a drawing for a $500 2020-21 DMCA scholarship
NFL Ticket Extravagana  Tracks the NFL season with weekly winning tickets earning up to $500 per week August 2020 09/10/20 - Completed Until 2021 Super Bowl $10 on each $20 ticket that your family sells
Marianna's Hoagie and Pizza Sale Pizza and hoagie sale August 2020 9/17/20 - Completed 9/25/20 $2 on each pizza or hoagie your family sells
Mrs. Field's Cookie Dough Sale Frozen cookie dough and other treats 10/2/20 10/16/20 11/12/20 $6 per item that your family sells via the brochure; 40% of your family's sales from online orders
Gardner Pies  Frozen deep dish fruit and topped  pies 10/19/20 11/6/20   At least $2 for each pie your family sells; benefit varies based on pie 
Charleston Wrap Virtual Party Online catalog event featuring gift wrap, personalized gifts, home decor and more 10/26/20 11/13/20 Delivered to your home  
Beef Raffle Half side of beef + $300 toward new grill or freezer 1/23/21 4/12/21 Winning ticket pulled 4/15/21 $5 for every $10 ticket your family sells; for every 10 tickets sold, families are entered into an iPad drawing; one iPad awarded per campus
Disney Raffle Postponed        
Race 4 Education Fun activities and non-competitive walk where students seek pledges for each mile they run or walk February 2021: Families receive initial information 
May 2021   At least 70% of your pledges that are collected or sent to DMCA
Blaine Boring's Easter Candy An array of Blaine Boring Easter treats to fill your baskets 2/26/213 3/12/21 3/29/21 35% of all candies your family sells


PTO Fundraising Activities
At DMCA, our PTO underwrites class field trips, special parties, speakers, and many other events that benefit all DMCA students. In addition to proceeds from Friday Dress Down Days, upcoming fundraisers are expected to include:

    • December - Nut roll sales
    • January - Virtual Bingo
    • April - Cash ticket sales

Please contact our PTO officers or check our PTO Facebook page for info on current PTO activities.

Athletic Association Fundraising Activities
The DMCA Athletic Association works to defray costs of our various boys’ and girls’ sports programs.

In addition to proceeds from Friday Dress Down Days, upcoming fundraisers may include:

    • February - Candy sales
    • February/March - March Madness
    • June - Cash Bash

Please contact our Athletic Association or coaching staff for info on current Athletic Association fundraising activities.

SCRIP is on-line currency or physical gift cards that can be used to pay for many things most people already buy – groceries, gas, clothing and more at hundreds of participating merchants including Walmart, Target, Macy’s, J.C. Penney, Lowe's, Disney, Panera, Starbucks, Giant Eagle, Amazon, Sheetz and more. It's an easy and convenient way for our families to reach their $800 TSO commitment. And it's not limited to DMCA families - grandparents, friends, neighbors, and others can also purchase SCRIP to help you meet your $800 TSO obligation!

Just a note - SCRIP must be purchased as described below to earn DMCA TSO credits. Gift cards purchased directly through retailers are not part of our SCRIP program.

How It Works
Families earn a percentage on every SCRIP purchase, with percentages ranging from 2% to 16% depending on the retailer. That money is then credited to each family’s $800 TSO commitment. Our program is administered through Great Lakes Scrip. Visit for helpful info and videos that explain the program in detail. 

How to Get Started and Purchase SCRIP
Families may purchase SCRIP in two forms: as reloadable E-Cards that enable you to shop from your phone or as actual plastic gift cards

It's easy to get started with e-cards. Just follow these steps:

  • Email for the enrollment code
  • Visit
  • Follow prompts to link your bank account or credit card so you can purchase E-cards and reloads
  • Save info to your cell phone like any other app for quick and easy access
  • Credits earned from e-card purchases are applied to a family’s fundraising obligation each month
Actual Gift Cards
We offer three convenient ways to purchase physical SCRIP gift cards:

 1.)  Purchase actual SCRIP gift cards at our school offices
  • Drop off your completed East Campus order form or West Campus order form with your cash or check payment.
  • East Campus: Please make checks payable to St. Benedict Parish. Orders are typically ready within two school days for pick-up or will be sent home with your student.
  • West Campus: Please make checks payable to St. Clement Parish. West Campus orders submitted by Monday of each week are typically ready by Thursday. SCRIP cards may then be picked up or sent home with your student
  • Credits earned from SCRIP card purchases at DMCA offices are applied to a family’s TSO obligation quarterly. In some instances, it may take longer.
2.)  Purchase actual SCRIP gift cards at St. Benedict and St. Clement parish offices or after weekend Masses

  • Cards may be purchased with cash or check only and are available immediately
  • You do not have to be a member of these parishes to purchase SCRIP Cards
  • You do have to designate DMCA and the name of the student at the time you purchase the cards
  • Credits earned from physical SCRIP card purchases at the two churches are applied to a family’s fundraising obligation quarterly. In some instances, it may take longer.

3.)  Purchase actual SCRIP gift cards on-line 
  • Email for an updated SCRIP enrollment code.
  • Visit
  • ‘Join a Program’ – Divine Mercy Catholic Academy
  • Follow the prompts to set up your account.
  • On-Line purchases of physical SCRIP Cards may be paid for via debit or credit cards. However, please note that physical cards purchased through will incur additional fees.
  • Cards are typically delivered to your child’s campus within a few days and may then be picked-up or sent home with your student.
  • Credits earned from the purchase of physical gift cards online are applied to a family’s fundraising obligation each month.