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Our Catholic Roots

Our rich and faith-filled educational tradition has a cherished place in our community, with the schools that now make up DMCA having educated generations of area families from Catholic and other faith traditions. Our faith in God and each other guides us in all we do. It adds a special dimension to DMCA and is what makes the DMCA experience truly stand out.

A Commitment to Service
Inspired by the works and words of St. Francis of Assisi, we strive to foster a spirit of giving in our students through service to each other, our community and our parishes. Throughout the year, our students participate in an array of programs and events that help them understand what it means be compassionate, empathetic and Christ-like.
Recent initiatives include sorting and distributing food for local families in need ... creating and donating warm blankets to struggling families ... raising money for a classmate in need ... collecting holiday gifts for families with little to give ... and sharing their gratitude with local military members through homemade and heartfelt cards.
A Commitment to Faith and Spirituality
Daily religion classes are an integral part of our curriculum, helping children develop their relationship with Jesus and understand the important and essential role that He plays in our lives. In addition, our students regularly attend Mass, and we encourage our families to live their Catholic faith together with their children to help foster a love of God at home and at school. In grades 2 and 4, our teachers fully and faithfully prepare the children to receive the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist and the Sacrament of Reconciliation, respectively.
Mercy is defined as compassion, kindness and favor toward others. At DMCA, we try to teach our students to pray, to ask for God’s mercy and to extend mercy to others each day. We do this with the support and prayers of many area parishes and congregations to which our students belong.
A Commitment to Lifelong LearningPreK
We strive to give our students both knowledge and confidence as they develop their commitment to lifelong learning. This mission is rooted in Christian values, with the principles of our Catholic faith as the foundation of all we do.
Our academic courses include the latest technologies and innovative instructional methods, including online learning choices and hands-on science programs in every grade. In and out of the classroom, we provide solid academics, real-life educational experiences and an array of extracurricular programs so that our students are prepared for middle school and beyond.
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