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Curriculum by Grade

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DMCA is committed to building life-long learners and leaders. This commitment begins with our teachers, all of whom are certified and trained throughout the year in research-based instructional strategies that help our students engage in creative and collaborative learning. Throughout the 2020-2021 school year, professional development includes interactive seminars on topics that range from collaborative planning and student growth goals, to Math in Focus instruction and the link between literacy and communication.

In addition, every student in grades K-6 is assigned an individual Chromebook to access an array of digital resources that supplement classroom learning; our PreK students explore digital resources through iPads. A sample of these resources includes Google Expeditions, as well as Freckle, which tailors math and reading activities to a child's learning level, and MyOn, which helps students strengthen their literacy skills by recommending books based on their interests, reading levels and other books they've read.  Additional grade-by-grade curricular highlights are included below:

PreKindergarten for 3 and 4 Year OldsDanchanko PreK
Full day PreKindergarten programs are offered at both our East and West campuses. Families can choose 2-day or 5-day programs.

Our PreK goal is to provide a safe and secure “home away from home” while  providing little ones with opportunities to experience a wider world. Socialization is very important. Children meet new friends and become familiar with adults other than their parents. It is a friendly, faith-filled atmosphere. Our teachers are certified in Early Childhood Education and chosen specifically for their abilities to interact with our littlest ones. Our PreK curriculum is tailored to enhance:

  • Christian values
  • Reading readiness / Language skills
  • Early math skills
  • Personal and social awareness
  • Phonemic awareness
  • Science and social studies concepts
  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • Fine arts, computer, library 
  • Age-appropriate STREAM activities, including regular visits by members of the Saint Francis University Sustainability Lab team

Early Learning
Academic and spiritual development depends on strong, solid foundations, and that is just what our full-day Kindergarten program provides. Our literacy-based Kindergarten curriculum features:
  • Interactive science and social studies activities
  • Weekly hands-on STREAM activities focused on age-appropriate technology and engineering, including regular visits by the Saint Francis University Sustainability Lab team
  • Basic math skills
  • Christian values modeled throughout each experience
  • Physical education, art, music, library
  • Character-building activities woven in with all academics
  • Safe, secure learning environment
  • Building upon the Pre-K curriculum to establish a structured platform for life-long learning
Sindleri SchoologyGrades 1, 2 and 3
Primary grades continue the momentum begun in the early childhood years. We strive to help children develop and strengthen their confidence, resilience and sense of fairness. With this in mind, our early primary curriculum is focused on:
  • Early faith, sacramental and moral instruction
  • Strengthening communication skills: speaking, listening, writing
  • Beginning to take responsibility for own learning
  • Working effectively in teams
  • Weekly hands-on STREAM activities focused on age-appropriate technology and engineering, including regular visits by the Saint Francis University Sustainability Lab team
  • Music, art, physical education
  • Handwriting, both manuscript and cursive
  • Sports and other extracurricular activities
Beginning in 3rd grade, DMCA students participate in age-appropriate BOTVIN lifeskills programming. This nationally recognized and research-based program helps students understand and strengthen prevention information related to drug and alcohol use. This includes drug refusual skills, anti-drug norms, and skills that foster self-management and social skills.  

Grades 4, 5 and 6Foss
The amount of fundamental knowledge acquired in the intermediate grades is amazing. From multiplication tables to self-control, coding to conscience-forming, composition to Christian values, we help our 4th, 5th and 6th grade students build every aspect of their lives by:
  • Providing a fertile learning environment for both academic and spiritual lessons
  • Basing our instruction on Christ’s message of love
  • Using a strong, unified, common curriculum that builds logically grade by grade
  • Offering cross-curricular learning opportunities
  • Challenging students with more advanced STREAM activities, including regular visits by the Saint Francis University Sustainability Lab team
  • Strengthening decision-making and other life skills through the evidenced-based BOTVIN program
  • Building solid faith-based scholars that prepare students for middle school and beyond